Renz was founded over 135 years ago.

It sounds like a simple statement of fact, but there’s a lot more to it. For us, it’s a number that stands for pride. Pride in the values that have been handed down to us. Pride in the competence in manufacturing, design, planning and service that we’ve gained through decades of experience. This number also stands for the solid reliability of a family-owned and family-run company, which is the foundation for long-term strategies and development opportunities.

But this number also evokes challenges, opportunities and the future. Commitment and responsibility towards people, the environment and nature, which we demonstrate through our conscientious use of resources and energy-saving technology.

RENZ products are an investment in sustainability.


The cooperation with the designers Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider starts. Together with the design duo kaschkasch, RENZ breaks new ground and launches Slide, a versatile, dynamic table system that to a wide range of needs and environments, in early 2022. Slide receives the German Design Award 2022 in the "Excellent Product Design– Office Furniture " category.


The CONVO conference table system from Jehs + Laub receives the German Design Award 2020 in the "Excellent Product Design– Office Furniture " category - one of the most prestigious design awards in the Federal Republic of Germany.


At Orgatec 2018, Renz presents CONVO, a communicative, elegant table system for both individual tables and large conference systems.


Since May in our collection: UPSITE, a light, height-adjustable desk ideal to work both sitting and standing.


At the Orgatec, RENZ presents with Paper a light writing and meeting table program. Striking elements are the slender, graceful tabletop and the subtly designed legs, which resemble folded paper.


RENZ introduces at the Orgatec two new product lines. Pace, an electrically height-adjustable table, and Site, a versatile and modular storage programme.


Talk is an intelligent table system with an ingenious connection element for both flexible and fixed arrangements for conferences, meetings, and seminars. In short, for all a company’s communication needs.


In December, the new RENZ showroom is opened. On 500 m² of exhibition space, all product lines of RENZ as well as ideas for designing the world of work are shown.


The light office program "Star" stands for up-to-date communication and work forms with an individual look.


Jehs+Laub develop the versatile and award-winning conference table program "Tune" for RENZ.


RENZ is 125 years old. An official ceremony and the employee's party form the framework for this company anniversary.


RENZ presents two new product lines at the Orgatec: "Sono", design: Justus Kolberg, and "Lane", design: Jehs + Laub. Matsu Group, with branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, becomes RENZ partner in China.


The cooperation with the designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub starts. "Size" receives numerous awards, i.e. the "Gold iF Design Award 2006" from the Industrieforum Hannover.


The first program by Justus Kolberg, "Verso", already wins the "innovation price architecture and office" and the "red dot 2001" for outstanding design of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen.


RENZ focuses on office furniture and increases the collection with "Tao". From 1990 on RENZ only presents at the Orgatec.


The program "Focus“, by Wolfgang C. R. Mezger, is a great success. It is a modular program of various table tops and storage elements for desks, conference tables, side- and highboards and a lectern.


Davis Furniture in High point, NC starts the license production of RENZ products for America.


With "Contur", Heiner Gölz designs a program for the executive office. In addition to the international furniture fair, RENZ also presents its products at the Orga-Technik – later Orgatec.


With Eckart Renz, an new generation enters the business and takes over the management. In the early 80s, the transition from home furniture to office and project furnishing begins.


The company moves to a new factory building in the industrial area Böblingen-Hulb.


With "RENZ 800", Volker Laprell designs a dining and working table for the living space. However, it is sold mainly as a desk and becomes the first program for the "representative zone" (executive office, antechamber, conference room).


Wilhelm RENZ KG becomes the Wilhelm RENZ GmbH + Co. KG.


RENZ is able to cooperate with good designers. Together, they establish furniture, like the legendary height adjustable single column table and the RENZ wall board. These products are very successful and are often being copied.


The company is once more extended by an additional building. In this year RENZ celebrates its 75th anniversary and already exports in 14 countries of the world.


Since 1952 RENZ successfully attends the international furniture fair in Cologne.


New materials and new ways of processing totally change the furniture production. It is now possible to do without right angles and symmetry. After the rational appropriate designs of the post-war time, creative and organic forms follow.


After the death of Wilhelm Renz, the oldest son, Kurt Renz, takes over management and leads the company through the second world war into a new era. In 1943 RENZ becomes a limited partnership: Wilhelm RENZ KG.


The company grows and is extended by an additional building. The years until the war are very successful. The typical RENZ-line of this time is "individual furniture for the living space."


A new factory building is being constructed in Böblingen, Talstrasse 50 – the company moves. The appearance of modernity requires new solutions in ways of design of the home furniture.


Wilhelm Renz, who has gained professional experiences in leading positions for companies at home and abroad, takes over the factory. Even back then it is an industrial serial production. The furniture assortment is versatile.


The more than 135-year history starts in Stuttgart. On March 12, 1882, Otto Vetter founds a furniture manufactory. The enterprise exclusively produces seat furniture of particular quality within the first two decades.