Design: Kaschkasch

More design leeway through diversity in materials, inspirational colors and functional shapes. Slide offers custom, high-quality furnishings for every environment, from an office or professional practice to a dedicated home workspace or a multifunctional area. The recurring design element is the U-shaped profile of the table legs: an elegant, light form that also functions as unobtrusive cable ducting. Table tops and legs may be selected in the same or contrasting colors. The tables are available in various fixed heights, with adjustable height or with casters, ready to suit any requirements or surroundings. With matching shelves, containers and a media element, entire workspaces can be cast from the same mould. Customizable. High-quality. And sustainable.

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Oak oiled
Oak matt
Oak urban grey
Laminate Nano pine
Laminate nano black
Laminate nano stone
Laminate nano white
Oak smoked