Trei Real Estate


Trei Real Estate GmbH is a property developer and property asset holder for residential and retail real estate. In the spring of 2020, Trei moved to its new headquarters to the "Airport Office Six" next to Düsseldorf Airport.

The contemporary and modern office concept with bright and open floor areas, extensive office greenery and plenty of space for formal and informal meetings encourages collaboration on all levels. At the same time, the office space provides places of retreat for concentrated work for the 80 employees. Technical equipment was upgraded to the latest standard which allows fully digital and flexible workflows. Trei was advised by pro m² GmbH in the development of the new office concept.

In the three meeting rooms, strong colors and warm materials create a special, inviting atmosphere. The representative conference table program Convo was selected to match the high-quality equipment of the rooms. Offices were furnished with the visually light tables from the Star and the Upsite programs.

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