Satellite Office


Satellite Office Business Centre offers versatile solutions for workspace and business needs in an attractive and prestigious environment. The company was founded in Berlin in February 1997 with the goal of providing discriminating clients with customised offices and services along with the ultimate degree of personalization. Always situated in the best location in historic, imposing properties; just-in-time and just-in-place. More than 1500 companies use the services of Satellite Office, from international corporations to ambitious start-ups.

In 2016 a new Business Centre opened in Zurich in the Gryffenberg building; additional locations are in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The heritage building situated directly on Lake Zurich at Bahnhofstrasse 10 was built in German late Renaissance style in 1883-1885. The property underwent two years of complete renovation by Spühler Partner Architects to allow a symbiosis of contemporary use and preservation. Historic as it may appear on the outside, the interior is absolutely modern. Exquisitely equipped offices, meeting and conference rooms and open spaces make up a total of 646 m².

The three storeys in the heart of the Swiss metropolis were designed and furnished in a cooperative process involving Satellite Office, Raumhaus and Renz. Furnishings were sought which feature stand-alone, reduced design to complement the tastefully restored rooms. The Renz Star line of desks and conference tables with their clean lines fit the design concept perfectly and provide a coherent premium environment. The result is buildings and furnishings that create a harmonious whole. Meet Renz for Office, Headoffice and Conference.

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