Volksbank Köln Bonn eG


The Volksbank Köln Bonn eG is a dynamically growing bank. It is also the largest Volksbank in the Rhineland area with over 110,000 members, 210,000 customers, and a balance sheet total of around five billion euros.

The bank‘s head office has been located on Cologne‘s Hohenzollernring, the former IBM high-rise, since the early 1990s. In management area, offices and conference rooms were comprehensively modernized.

The offices of the board members have been tailored to individual needs and planned and set up in close cooperation with Projekt Rheinland. Height-adjustable Pace desks and meetings desks from the Paper and Sono lines were chosen for the board member offices. For larger meetings the three conference rooms were equipped with the flexible and representative conference table program Talk.

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