VR-Bank Ostalb eG


VR-Bank Ostalb eG, which emerged from the merger of VR-Bank Aalen and Volksbank Schwäbisch Gmünd, decided years ago to replace the bank buildings from different eras with a new building. By the end of 2017, not only were all operations started in the new building, but something completely new was also created - a new bank, the VR-Bank Ostalb.

The new headquarters is a functional and striking building consisting of two compact structures which open up over four floors and offer many views. Constructed by Stuttgart OHO-Architekten, the building fits concisely into its urban environment and reflects the VR-Bank’s visible profile.

Inside the building are inspiring rooms, characterized by the interplay of colours, shape, light and selected materials. Board member offices were furnished to individual requirements for functionality and high quality with height-adjustable desks from the Pace programme, Site sideboards and Sono meeting tables. For talks in larger groups, the conference room was furnished with the flexible and prestigious Talk conference table programme.

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